Trough Planters

£30 UK mainland pallet delivery for all styles

Our range of trough planters bring urban living to your roof terrace or patio area in an instant. From rimmed planters for planting flowers, our exclusive Terrazzo Trough Planter for a stylish, bold statement and the reinforced Polystone Large Trough Planter which is ideal for planting vegetables, we have a wide variety of trough planters perfect for adding plants and flowers to your garden.

What Are Garden Troughs Used For?

Traditionally, troughs were used to hold water and feed for enclosed stock. Today, the majority of troughs are produced to be used as planters to hold a variety of plants and flowers.

Trough planters are excellent for displaying different groups of flowering plants with their longest side often placed against a wall. Plant troughs look great together and are often spread apart evenly when lining walls or paths.

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