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The Red Mud Hut Blog

The red mud hut

  • Terracotta Pots Classic Yet Contemporary

    The Red Mud Hut started importing and retailing high quality Italian terracotta pots and planters over 27 years ago, all of which were directly sourced from the potteries by us ensuring high quality attractive products. Terracotta has and always will be our true passion especially when it comes to large scale and specialist designs. One of the original designs was our Terracotta Double Rim which we still sell today due to it's classic and clean design.

    Right: Our large terracotta double rim pot measuring 1 metre in diameter planted with a large scale Agave in our own home! This pot has been outside now for 3 years showing a complete lack of weathering.

    Over the years, changes in our clients tastes combined with changes in the materials available to potteries have led to us constantly adapting our terracotta range which is now comprised of Vietnamese and Chinese terracotta pots. The Vietnamese terracotta is crafted using a high quality clay from the Mekong Delta which gives a light modern terracotta that is hand finished to give a smooth and contemporary finish such as with our Vietnamese Terracotta Egg Pot.

  • Bespoke Metal Trough Planter

    Do you have a vision for a planter but cannot find what you need? A bespoke metal trough planter could be the answer. They are ideal for a range of applications including roof gardens, tree planters or for use as barriers. The beauty of ordering a bespoke metal trough planter is that it can be made to a size and shape to suit your situation.

    A stainless steel finish with riveted seams gives a robust “industrial” look to your planter. Powder coating gives your planter a more refined finish in a colour to suit the surroundings.

    Whatever your requirements, just call us or drop us a line and we will be happy help you design the perfect bespoke metal trough planter.

  • Terracotta Cylinder Pots

    The terracotta cylinder pot is a versatile terracotta pot, contemporary in design and softer in appearance than square terracotta planters.

    The rough texture of the classic look of terracotta cylinder pot gives definition and contrast to a garden arrangement.

    The symmetry of the terracotta cylinder pot makes it easy to fit in anywhere without taking up too much space.

    This makes them ideal for placing either side of a doorway. Wherever you choose to place your terracotta cylinder pot, the symmetrical shape will give a simple but stylish look to your roof terrace of patio garden.

  • Wall Planters

    Does your garden lack space? Do you have an unattractive wall in your garden? Why not build a vertical garden using wall planters?

    Terracotta wall planters can be used to grow herbs or other edibles or to provide a splash of colour by filling your wall planters with colourful flowers or trailing plants.

    Our wall planters are available in a range of sizes with flat backs so they can be easily mounted on a flat surface such as a wall or fence.

    Take a look at the wall planters we have in stock.

  • Terracotta Plant Pots

    Terracotta plant pots can bring form and life to new areas of the garden. They add colour, perfume and interest. Large planters create impact and create space for creating a kitchen garden, while smaller planters add variety and interest.

    Our range of terracotta plant pots will enhance any garden patio or terrace. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes including cubes, cones, cylinder and the traditional Tom Terracotta Plant Pots.

    Have you considered planting Bonsai Trees? Our Low Tom Terracotta Plant Pots are ideal for planting Bonsai Trees. The terracotta is very dense with a high grit content resulting in robust, rough textured Terracotta plant pots.

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