Bespoke Galvanised Metal Planters (example)

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Bespoke Galvanised Metal Planters made to order.

We will make any size planter to order with welded or rivited joints to your spec. They can be painted or powder coated to any ral colour.

Our bespoke galvanised metal planters are made to order. We will make any size planter to order with welded or riveted joints to your desired spec. They can be painted, or powder coated to any RAL colour; mainly used for varnish and powder coating.

Our galvanised metal planters offer limitless scope for customisation, combined with a durable, hard-wearing and flawless surface finish. Constructed from high grade UK galvanised metal, our galvanised metal planters will withstand all weather conditions and will last a very long time due to their durable material.

Galvanised planters have established themselves as a popular choice for modern gardens, roof terraces and exterior landscaping projects. With their striking sharp lines and shining surface, our elegant bespoke designs are an eye-catching addition which will fit perfectly with any planting scheme.

If you have any questions regarding our garden planters or a problem area within your garden, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for advice and recommendations.

We do offer discounts to trade customers, including landscapers and garden designers. Please enquire with us for more information.

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